I See What You Did There

If you’ve ever had conversation with me, you’d know I’m a little critical of our food system and the ways of our world. Actually that’s a lie, I’m very critical. *Critical, not cynical.* That’s a good way to be.

I’ve probably mentioned to you how backwards some things truly are, or how our society makes a big hoopla about the terrible choices we make or situations we put ourselves into but it is at the root of why our situations and choices are perpetuated.

Beginning in college, I’ve began to think more critically about our food, healthcare, and economic systems.

I See What You Did There is my sharing of things I find puzzling, especially those found in marketing to consumers. We are products of our surroundings, what we have access to, and what we are told.

Power to the consumer. May we make more informed choices and be more critical of what we think, do, say, and eat.


Misleading food marketing example #1. 

If you are a consumer, which I’m guessing you are, chances are you’ve heard these buzz words. Organic. Grassfed. Gluten-free. Paleo. Whole 30 approved. Wheat free. Dairy free. Keto. What do these phrases even mean? Who the heck knows? Doesn’t matter- they seem special and make plain ole’ mac and cheese suddenly not good enough for you or your family.

Spoiler alert! Mac and cheese is mac and cheese. Organic or not. Grassfed or not. It’s still just pasta, cheese, and salt in a box. You are worthy of any type of mac and cheese, your worth is NOT defined by the phrases on your food!





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