Graduate School

So far, this has been my progression through graduate school. I’m in my second semester of a total of four in a Master of Science in Nutrition program and loving it!


Start graduate school as a wide-eyed, optimistic, youngster.

Read assigned literature.

Realize how much I DON’T know about myself, the world, and this field.

Feel a little overwhelmed.


Keep reading more assigned journal articles, posts, books, etc.

Learn more about social injustices, big business, and the food system.

Start to feel upset and guilty that I have led a life free of injustice and have had a life full of opportunity that many do not.

Keep feeling overwhelmed. (Can I even make a change?!)

Read some more.

Learn about the peacemakers, do-gooders, and change-makers.

Feel a little better about the status of the world. There is hope.




Try and comprehend all the information I learn and think about its applicability in the real world. (Will someone even hire me?)

Keep on readin’.

Oh, and writing.

AND volunteer some more!

Realize just again how much I DO NOT know and become hesitant to speak about or defend a subject unless you know, and are confident in, the details.

You know what I’m going to say… READ.

Learn about the fascinating, progressive(?), complex world of research.

Think to myself, “could I do that one day?” “could I contribute something new?”

Again, realize how much I don’t know and how much more there is to learn. What a daunting, but exhilarating feeling.


Know that my family and friends think I are deserting them. It just takes so much time to get the most out of grad school, and that is what I want.

Try and time manage.



Overall, graduate school has been a great experience for me. I found that this is 110% a time where you must motivate yourself and find others that are doing the same. It is so easy to slip it the negative, “pity me,” state of being busy and knowing there is not enough time in the day to accomplish all that you want. I am SO unbelievably blessed to even HAVE the opportunity to keep learning. I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to know, memorize, or critically think about every subject. I feel like people will expect that of me after I have this degree? I do not know all there is to know in my field, nor will I ever. I’ve got to accept that.

The field of food and nutrition goes WAY beyond just food as a product and nutrition as a precursor or consequence. Out of the hours in the day, I think about something related to my field in probably 80% of them. That’s a lot of thinking, feeling overwhelmed, and daydreaming about the changes I’d like to make and how to make them.


Ok, time to get back to reading.








One thought on “Graduate School

  1. Sheri Hester says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart and passion Sarah. Your words and passion for what you want to learn and things you do and want to do is inspiring ! You WILL make a difference – you already have to so many !

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